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CHIL力推的CHL8318是英特尔VR11.1相容 Digital 多相降压控制器

CHIL SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION推出CHL8318,佛山隆戈机械,是英特尔VR11.1相容 Digital 多相降压控制器佛山隆戈机械,支援多达8个可编程交叉同步降压阶段。 该IC允许用户监控和调整电流相位,以期最大效率CPU性能并减少热量。



产品规格 :
1. Up to 8-phases, 56 Pin 8x8mm QFN
2. 200kHz to 1MHz switching frequency
3. SMBus/PMBus configuraTIon and monitoring
4. Vout, Vin, Iout, Iin, Pout, Pin, Temp, Faults
5. Gaming/Overclocking features
6. Output voltage settable up to 2.4V
7. Adjustable loadline, Imon rescale, DVID ignore, Gamer_OFF pin

产品特性 :
1. DifferenTIal voltage and DCR current sense
2. Digital PID control loop with feed-forward compensaTIon
3. Wideband CHiL transient control
4. Coupled Inductor compatible
5. Dynamic phase add/drop
6. Three programmable operating regions
7. Output current proportional gate drive voltage control
8. Three temperature sensors
9. Programmable phase current gain
10. Thermal balance or calibration

产品应用 :
Intel VR11.1 compliant 8-phase digital controller for server and gaming applications